Welcome to Narmino & Dotta legal office

Narmino & Dotta is a full service law firm located in Monaco.

Over the years, we have developed a broad, multi-jurisdictional practice dedicated to foreign and domestic clients and covering diverse subject matters. We handle matters in many areas of law including: business and corporate legal services, Monegasque and foreign taxation, advising start-up businesses, contract drafting and negotiation, Monegasque residency and intellectual property.

Our Clients

The legal solutions that we provide are destined to private and corporate clients.

Our private client practice helps high worth international families, their family offices, and trustees to develop their projects in Monaco or to manage their interests and assets in various jurisdictions. Narmino & Dotta law firm will also contribute to facilitate the personal settlement in Monaco of its clients.

Our lawyers provide a full range of legal services to its corporate clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Our company provides assistance in managing corporate and financial matters, from capital-raising transactions and mergers and acquisitions to tax planning services and annual approval of the financial statements.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of Narmino & Dotta legal office is to provide high quality tailored legal services to its clients. Our philosophy is that superior legal services alone are not enough and beyond finding the best legal solutions for any single deal, transaction or case, we find those that are focused on helping clients achieve their overall business and growth goals, and that satisfy their need for practical, cost-effective legal services.

It's a philosophy that our lawyers embrace and that today's legal service buyers demand. Our clients appreciate the quality of our lawyers, their experience in a variety of fields and also their attention regarding the efficiency of the work.

Our Team

Antoine Narmino
Antoine Narmino



Partner and co-founder of Narmino & Dotta legal office, Antoine Narmino is a lawyer specialized in business law. Antoine Narmino holds an LLM in financial law at Boston University and a master of corporate law at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. Antoine is particularly concerned with all types of Monegasque companies incorporation, personal and corporate tax, family structures and intellectual property.

Nicolas Dotta
Nicolas Dotta



Partner and co-founder of NARMINO & DOTTA legal office, Nicolas Dotta is a multilingual and multi disciplinary lawyer. Nicolas Dotta graduated in economic & business law from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and in comparative business law from the Université des Lumières in Lyon. Nicolas completed his training as a legal attorney in several prestigious groups and is particularly concerned with all corporate issues, mergers acquisitions, commercial contracts, partnerships and real estate planning.




Neda Dimitrova is an University of Nice Sophia Antipolis graduate lawyer. Neda holds a Bachelor Degree in corporate law and also a Master Degree in Intellectual Property law.Prior to joining the team of Narmino & Dotta legal office, Neda spent four years in a French legal office specialized in start-up incorporation and innovation fiscal issues. In Narmino & Dotta legal office Neda brings her experience in corporate law, Monegasque residency services and intellectual property.




Marion Lombardot is a paralegal assistant in Narmino & Dotta office. Marion has a Bachelor Degree in foreign languages and legal techniques from the University of Toulon and joined the team in 2015. Marion is an indispensible part of the company, providing support to attorneys in all the fields of expertise.

Narmino & Dotta is a full service law firm based in the Principality of Monaco.